Miss Thoraya Abdul-Rassol

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The Samoa Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (SASNOC), has secured a volunteer from New Zealand Volunteer Services Abroad (VSA) to work as a Support Officer for our staff and National Federations. Thoraya will be assisting and supporting the implementation of our Strategic Plan 2015-2019.

Miss Thoraya Abdul-Rassol is a graduate from Victoria University of Wellington and has extensive knowledge and skills in IT, as well as experience in management. Her skills and knowledge is sincerely welcomed by SASNOC as we continue to improve our communication and social media connections.

In conjunction with her other roles and duties as Support Officer, Miss Thoraya will be be managing the Monitoring, Assessment and Planning (MAP) Division of SASNOC. This is where all our programmes and projects, especially our Strategic Plan 2015-2019, are being reviewed, assessed and realigned to meet the needs of our staff, National Sports Federations, and most importantly, our athletes and the development of sports in Samoa.

Miss Thoraya Abdul-Rassol will be working at our SASNOC Head Office at Tuanaimato until November 2016 when she returns to New Zealand.

SASNOC acknowledges with sincere thanks the kind support from New Zealand through the New Zealand Volunteer Services Abroad (VSA) programme for this opportunity to have Miss Thoraya Abdul-Rassol supporting us in our quest to develop sports in Samoa.