Mudgee Hockey Club Tour

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Samoa Hockey Federation has confirmed the arrival of the Mudgee Hockey Club from Australia to spend two weeks in Samoa. The Mudgee Hockey club is here to help the Samoa Hockey Federation with the development of hockey in Samoa, especially at grass root and school levels in rural areas in both Upolu and Savaii.

Mudgee Hockey Club will be arriving in Samoa on the 21st of September where they will head straight to Savaii where students and youths from surrounding areas will be introduced to basic hockey skills. After a week in Savaii the Mudgee hockey club will conduct some hockey development programmes with youths and students in the Aana district in Upolu.

On Saturday Mudgee Hockey Club will have a test against Samoa’s Development Team before they return to Australia on Tuesday.

The Mudgee club has three three Level 3 coaches and will be spearheading the hockey coaching development programme. They also have four level 2 umpires who will be leading the refereeing training programmes. Mudgee Club is also bringing some hockey equipment to be given to schools and youth clubs around the country.

Samoa Hockey is able to implement this hockey development programme with the on-going support from the Mudgee Hockey Club of Australia, Hockey Australia, New Zealand Hockey, Oceania Hockey Federation (OHF), Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) and our local sponsors:

  1. Samoa International Finance Authority (SIFA) (Gold Sponsor)
  2. Samoa National Sports Lotto (Gold Sponsor)
  3. Samoa Commercial Bank (SCB) (Gold Sponsor)
  4. Seb & Rene Sports Company (Gold Sponsor)
  5. Samoa Life Assurance Corporation (SLAC) (Silver Sponsor)
  6. Multipharm (Silver Sponsor)
  7. The BaYs’ Corporation (Silver Sponsor)
  8. Matniuel Screen Printing and Designs (Silver Sponsor)
  9. Samoa Land Transport Authority (LTA) (Bronze Sponsor)
  10. Asco Motors of Samoa (Bronze Sponsor)
  11. Samoa Stationery and Books (SSAB) (Bronze Sponsor)
  12. Bluebird Lumber & Hardware (Bronze Sponsor)

Samoa Hockey is also grateful to all the schools and youth organisations in villages who have accepted our invitation to participate in this hockey development programme.

Samoa  hockey is now ranked 4th in Oceania and was invited for the first time to participate in the Rio 2016 Qualifying tournament which was held in Stratford New Zealand in 2015.

 These on-going visitations from Australia and New Zealand are part of Samoa Hockey’s strategic plan to bring in such skills and expertise to develop hockey in Samoa. Since the introduction of its grass root development programme Samoa hockey has now introduced hockey to over 10,000 youths around the country and the programme will now focus on developing these young players to elite standard.

Samoa Hockey Federation                                                                                                                 “Persevere to achieve”